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The ONE Thing Every Mom is Missing from Her New Year’s Resolution

Ah, the New Year! A time to reflect on the year behind us and look forward to new beginnings ahead of us.

We ask ourselves so many questions:

What did I do well?

What did I do oh so wrong?

How do I want this year to be different?

What do I want to accomplish this year?

We are bombarded by commercials, e-mails, and Facebook ads asking us to change our lives! This is all in hopes that we buy their product of weight loss, financial freedom, or hopes of gaining a new job.

Their timing is right, but we expect to see results almost instantly. We get excited for a few weeks and then realize we would rather go back to our old ways. Believe me I’ve been there!

Do we ever think that the reason we aren’t following our hopes and dreams is because we are missing a key part?

New Years Resolution

It takes more than just reading a book or buying a treadmill. We need the determination, perseverance, and motivation to complete the task every.single.time.

These non-tangible traits don’t come from the world, they come from obtaining good habits and virtues. God gives us many opportunities to acquire them and is always rooting us on!

Do we ever make a resolution that is more spiritual and actionable?

Do we ever really look deep down at our flaws and learn what’s preventing us from having the life we truly desire?

Well, this year I’m taking a hard look at myself and I am going to focus on ONE ACTIONABLE WORD for the entire year!

Although it is only one word, it is mighty:



“Give” can mean many things to many people. The first thing you may think of is giving money, but I want you to think much deeper. (That is what this blog is all about 🙂 )

I don’t want to just give money carelessly or donate clutter I don’t want anyway.

I desire to GIVE completely of myself to my children, my husband, all of my family members, those around me, and especially to God.

If I can do this, I will see all of my other goals in life come to success.

It isn’t going to be an easy task. There are so many doubts and concerns that get in the way of completing this goal.

What prevents me from giving?


  1. I’m worried if I give too much money, food or clothing, I won’t have any for myself! I am reminded of Saint John who gave food to others and was never without food or abundance. Also, scripture says, “Not even the birds worry where they nest.” (Matthew 6:26.) God will take care of us and our families.

This year, I’m living by Mother Teresa’s words, “Live simply so others can simply live.”

See more inspiring Mother Teresa’s Quotes here.

How could this help me with my financial goal to pay off debt?

Give away items I don’t need –> No longer purchase items I don’t need –> Live more simply –> Save money –> Pay off debt –> Have financial freedom and less stress for my husband and I

Feelings from the Past

  1. I need to give up feelings of anger and resentment towards someone or something in the past. In order to move forward, I must forgive those around us including myself.

It’s so easy to have these feelings whether they are towards a distant relative or your closest loved ones. The biggest struggle as a mom is forgiving myself for all the mistakes I’ve made. I’m so lucky that my children don’t hold grudges and we can start new every day.

How can this help me with my resolution to have better relationships?

Let go of the past –> Focus on the present –> Give my time more freely to others –> Learn how to nurture my relationships


  1. I’m impatient and I want to know what to do next in my life. I know God will let me know during His perfect timing. And it has happened over and over again that things always work out, but it doesn’t stop me from spending countless hours, days, years, trying to find an answer on my own.

My toughest decision after 4 years of teaching was to leave and stay home with my children. I still struggle with questioning God if this is what he wanted for me and my talents. But He confirms His will for my life each day with the gift of my children. Although I’ve been unhappy at times as a stay-at-home mom (especially in the beginning), I know this is my mission in life right now and I feel more fulfilled than anything else I’ve done in my life.

I realize I need to give my complete trust to God.

How can this help me with my career/business goals?

Give my complete trust to God –> Be in the present moment at all times –> Make decisions that are not clouded by fear or worry –> Find where I am most fulfilled with my talents and skills.

Loss of Control

  1. It terrifies me to let go of control of my life. I am a teacher therefore, I love to plan all things. I believe that if I have a plan, I won’t fail. But, oh, how I get so upset when my plans do not go the way I want them to.

I need to give control to God and let Him take the steering wheel. He knows what is best for my life.

How can this help me with my resolution to get in shape?

Give control to God –> Feel less of a need to over-eat –> Learn that I am beautiful because I am loved by God –> Use motivation (instead of shame) to exercise and eat healthy for Him and my family

Losing What I Want

  1. If I give completely of myself, I’m afraid of losing myself. (This is a lie directly from the evil one.) The truth is I want to continue being self-centered and I find it difficult to give that up. (Don’t we all?) But the gift of wisdom tells me: the more selfless I am, the more God can fill me. God will pour His blessings within me and I know I will actually find myself in Him.

    New Year's selfless

As a stay-at-home mom, I am always struggling with the idea that I am losing myself. I feel like my only job is to be “mom” and I forget about the other talents I have.

Then I realize how children make us more aware of our selfishness in every way. They test our every limit. They expose weaknesses that we never knew were there. But most of all, they motivate us to be better people and discover more about our true self.

How can this help me to enjoy life to the fullest?

Give myself fully to every situation –> Break smartphone addiction –> Ignore all distractions –>Enjoy the smallest moment and every breath of air


Do you see how giving can be so much more than just handing over some money to a charity? It can help you defeat your bad habits and conquer your goals!

Would anyone like to join me this New Year?

Check out this free printable to help you with your New Year’s resolution!


Share in this prayer with me:

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord, I love you. You are my Father who delights in taking care of me and protecting me from harm. You have given me more than I ever asked for or deserve. Help me to trust You and dismiss any lies that I believe about You. My heart desires to be close to You, Lord. Let me always turn to You this year to give me strength. Help me to give myself more freely to You and those around me. Amen.


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