Questions to Ask Before Lent

Questions To Ask Before Lent

What are you giving up for Lent?

It’s always the question you get while Lent approaches.

How do you figure it out?

Do you give something up or add something on?

Do you choose what you did last year because you thought it went well or challenge yourself even more this year?

All of these are good questions but I think there’s mainly one you need to ask yourself:

“What is the result I want?”

At the end of Lent, what do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to give up chocolate, only to eat a pound of it on Easter? LOL!

Think about your personal life and your spiritual life.

If I want to be more generous, gentle or kind, what do I have to do to obtain that?

Do you want to get into better habits like eating habits, more reading habits, less social media habits?

What do you have to do each day to gain better habits?

For example, if I give up complaining, what will be the result?

My hopes would be that without complaining, I would be more accepting of the present moment exactly how it is with no judgment. I would hope to transfer that acceptance to all people around me. Wow, who knew complaining could hold us back from that?

I WANT the RESULT! The “giving up” is just the means to get it!

What do you get out of giving up chocolate? Just to mark something off your checklist or are you hoping to gain self-control over your eating habits and temptations?

It can’t just be this cutesy thing Catholics do, it must have a purpose to your life.

What do you struggle with? What would be the opposite of that to try to achieve?

Your little actions will add up to your life-changing decisions.

If you want to learn more about your Catholic faith, how can you do that? PRAY and READ.

When prayer is joined with reading- it transforms the ordinary act and brings your thoughts to Christ.

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