Not your average prayer of gratitude

Not-Your-Average Prayer of Gratitude from a Mom of 3

Dear Lord,

I know I complain a lot and maybe ask for too much. The truth is I am so grateful for every struggle and every joy you bring me as a mom of 3 children.

Thank you for the warm little snuggles to wake me in the middle of the night (and only get a few hours of sleep.) It feels so good to know that I am needed and that they are safe in my arms.

Thank you for the good morning shouts saying “MOM!” that wake me in the morning, they are the first people in my life that I want to hear.

Thank you for the cries that alert me to be more comforting to my children.

Thank you for the messes and the ruining of furniture and clothing. They leave proof that we are fully living in our home.

Thank you for not allowing me to get any work done. It reminds me of what my true priority should be.

Thank you for us not being able to afford what we want. It helps me empathize with the struggles of many and acknowledge my family’s true needs.

Thank you for the smiles and laughter, especially those belly laughs! They are the greatest reward of being a mother. They can turn a miserable day into the most memorable.

Thank you for the whining that immediately gets under my skin. It helps me recognize that I need to be more patient.

Thank you for the tears as I watch my children grow up so fast and surpass milestones. It shows me how short of time we have to show them (and You) our love.

Thank you for the dirty diapers, vomit, and muddy shoes. It reminds me of how Someone has to clean up my “messes” in life too.

Thank you for the runny noses and coughs. It makes me grateful when we are healthy.

Thank you for the begging of things they shouldn’t have. It reminds me how I need to follow through and not give in.

Thank you for the times when the kids won’t listen. It makes me realize, I refuse to listen sometimes too.

Thank you for the times I feel I’m doing everything wrong. These are the times I turn to You to learn what is right.

Thank you for the times when I feel lonely. I eventually find that I am never truly alone in this journey.

Thank you for the generosity from friends and family in my life. These people are gifts from You, Lord and it motivates me to be more generous like them.

Thank you for giving me all I need. My children are well-fed and we can live our lives without fear.

Thank you for how my children wake up with so much energy. They teach me how to live life to the fullest and wake up with so much eagerness to start the day.

Thank you for the judgments and unwanted advice from other moms. It keeps me aware of seeking the truth and how everyone’s situation is unique to their own child. It teaches me to be more careful with my own judgments and words.

Thank you for the continuous loads of laundry and all the little clothing that is impossible to fold. I know my children are warm and well taken care of and I am learning to not let it pile up.

Thank you for my dependency on my husband. It reminds me how much I need his love and support, and also how I need to depend on You, Lord.

I love the little things You have given to me whether they are struggles or joys in my life. My life and my children are gifts that bring me closer to You.



Try and write a list of all the annoyances, struggles, complaints and JOYS you have in your life. Then, find a reason why you and God may allow them to come into your life.

To make you a better person?

To bring out and correct your flaws?

To show you how much God loves you in every way?

God does not want us to be unhappy, but sometimes he has to train us to see Him in the good and the bad.


Be positive Momma! Those struggles are there for a reason.

What are you grateful for?

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