How to get Catholic Books for Free!

How to Get Catholic Books for FREE!

Disclaimer: I do not make any money from this post. This recommendation is purely from my own experience and satisfaction with this company.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to build your own library of beautifully written Catholic books?

I have never seen or heard of a company like this one: Dynamic Catholic.

Dynamic Catholic is owned by one of my favorite authors, Matthew Kelly. He has created this company in order to get quality resources in the hands of Catholics. Through this, he hopes to re-energize the members of the Church and it has already helped me in many ways!

This book program allows you to order certain books for free with just paying $5.95/each for shipping. You can usually choose to receive up to 5 of the same books to give to friends.

When you go to the website, you will see that you have a wide variety of Catholic books to choose from. As a member of the Ambassador’s Club, (of which I will explain next) you will receive certain books completely for free.

When you become a part of the Ambassador’s Club, you will receive a welcoming package containing free books and CDs or DVDs. You also get to listen in on a coaching call online with Matthew Kelly or Allen Hunt once a month.

I have sporadically received some sacrament resources (below) and books for free as they continue to have promotions. Once I received an e-mail just asking me if I wanted a specific book for free and all I had to do was click over to confirm and it came!

The minimum to donate is $10 per month to be a part of the club. Your donations are what drive the company to give more books to the public and parishes (and people like you!).

This is a volunteer program that you can provide for your parish. You get approval from your pastor and then sign-up online through the website. Once signed up, you will receive 40 free books or 60 CDs once a month to share with your parish. You will get one too, of course!  

You could ask to have a spot in your vestibule for the book of the month for parishioners to pick up after Mass or maybe even share with a prayer group or the Sunday school families. You can see the FAQ’s here.

  • Sacrament Resources

You might volunteer at your parish’s Sunday school, or you are the Director of Religious Education or maybe you just want to teach more to your children at home! These sacrament preparation programs which include books and DVDs are completely free (just pay shipping). I have received some of these completely free (did not have to pay shipping) just from being a part of the Ambassador’s club!

Not free but low priced books:

Talk to your pastor about this Book Program. You get to pick from a variety of books to give to your parish along with a “featured title” which will be the cheapest. Each book ranges from $1 to $3 maximum and you can order 6 to 500+ books for the next holiday mass.

Just imagine everyone at Easter or Christmas Mass being able to take something home with them and hopefully be life-changing. We really need this right now for the Church!

Dynamic Catholic has special pricing just for parishes. I know you can’t order this but possibly you could let your pastor know about this and begin a small library at your church.

Also, if you sign up for their e-mail list, you will receive inspirational quotes each day. I always seem to find the time to open these e-mails because it’s so short and to the point. PLUS, so many times the quote is exactly what I needed to hear that day.

You can start this Lent or Advent by signing up for their Best Lent Ever or Best Advent Ever. Each day of the Lent or Advent, you will receive an inspirational video from Matthew Kelly himself or Allen Hunt and members of Dynamic Catholic. Some videos have brought me to tears and others have given me the motivation to do better. You will not be disappointed by this free e-mail program!

Don’t just take my word for it, please spend some time browsing the website and think of the difference you could make!

Also, if you struggling with actually finishing a book but would LOVE to read more often, join my “Read more books” challenge! You will receive tips, recommendations and reflections on finding the right book for you! Sign up here.h

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