Getting to Know Yourself

Getting to Know Yourself

Do you ever get so frustrated with yourself because you are not who you have hoped to be?

Do you constantly fail at diets, show up late to everything, or upset that you yell at your kids?

There are times we give ourselves much less mercy than God does.

First of all, remember that God has created you and loves you with all your faults and weaknesses!

Some of our greatest mistakes in life are because we don’t try to get to know ourselves, says St. Teresa of Avila in her book, Interior Castle.

We can continue to have the same repeated sins, the same conflict with family or friends, or the same miserable days over and over again. We think it’s just how life is supposed to be but so much can be avoided when we learn more about ourselves- the person God created with a purpose.

How do we get to know ourselves?

By getting to know God.

It is so easy to forget about our inner life because we can remain distracted especially with social media and constant advertisements on our phones, televisions, cars, flashing billboards, subtle usage in movies and so much more. It’s no wonder why we can’t hear God speak to us through all the noise.

“It is in the silence of the heart that God speaks.” -Mother Teresa, Thirsting for God

In the moments when we are unaware of ourselves and surroundings, a subtle trigger or distraction throws us off our progress toward heaven. (The word “distract” actually means to go off track.)

Are you avoiding being the person you really are by keeping yourself busy?

We are so convinced of the lie that we are not worthy if we are not busy, so we think there is no time for pondering about God or pursuing a relationship with Him especially because God meets us most when we are at rest.

We are constantly being told to “fit in a box,” but really, we are meant to have our own individual path.

God knows you better than anyone so when you get to know God more, He reveals more about Himself and who you are. Your identity is in knowing that you are a child of God.

Your identity is in knowing that you are a child of God

When you accept yourself as you are with all your weaknesses, bad habits, strengths and talents, you can actually take care of yourself better. You will be more aware of what energizes you and what drains you.

Personally, I become monster mommy when it is exhaustingly loud in my house. Now I know, it is because I am someone who needs quiet and am overwhelmed by auditory input. It’s how I was made! Now I can usually catch myself before I get into that miserable mood.

Do you think the greatest saints and apostles didn’t have weaknesses or bad habits? No way! But the difference is they accepted themselves and embraced whatever God had given to them. They allowed God to work through them despite their weaknesses. We have a loving and gentle Father who loves us for exactly who we are.

St. Paul spoke about “the thorn in his side” and God replied with “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

Those weaknesses have a purpose! They reveal our need for our Savior.

Can we accept those weaknesses and bring them to the heart of Jesus?

In order to be fully present to your children, you need to be fully aware of who you are and fully available to God.

In order to be fully present to your children, you need to be fully aware of who you are and fully available to God.

When we are open to what our weaknesses are, we will be aware of the triggers that cause us to turn to our phone or other distractions. And even if we fail, we can still turn to Jesus because His power is made perfect in weakness. We can choose to humble ourselves before God because we have a loving Father who does not abandon us.

Action Steps:

  1. What were you like as a child? What did you like to do? Favorite memories? Can you do any of these things now? (I feel like this is when we were the most ourselves because there’s no pressure to be anything else.)
  2. Do something that energizes you! Your children want to see you happy and want to be a part of your joy. Take it a step more and give up something that drains you (i.e. scrolling through social media).
  3. Reflect on  2 Corinthians 12:9. Use the free printable below:
Free printable for 2 Corinthians 12:9

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