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A Book that will Transform Your Prayer Life!

Do you find it difficult to find time for prayer?

And when you finally find the time, do you not know what to say or even if what you are saying is actually pleasing to God?

Or maybe you are looking for consistency or accountability?

Or deeper prayer that transforms you to be closer to God?

I highly recommend a tiny book with mighty prayers! It is called “Miracle Hour” by Linda Schubert.

It has transformed my prayer life this year.

It is set up in a way that you can remain focused on the prayer and not the million other things you need to be doing (which is great for moms!).

This is why you should have this book in your prayer life:

  • The book is set up like a clock, divided into 12 sections. It states to spend 5 minutes per section. So you can either do the entire booklet in one hour or one section each day.
  • I do one to two sections per day. It usually ends up being more than 5 minutes because I think more deeply about the individual section, but it much easier to approach knowing I only need 5 minutes to start today.
  • It was written to be done and best if used for an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • It gives you specific ways to pray if you feel lost for words but it also allows for you to personalize it and prompts you to “fill in the blank.”
  • The author has wonderful insights in the introduction and throughout the book.
  • The author is Catholic and small mentioning of Catholic traditions, but could definitely be used by any Christian religion.
  • It has the Imprimatur!! (Imprimatur means it was reviewed and approved by a Bishop that it is free from doctrinal error.)
  • It allows me to stay accountable to it each day instead of overwhelmed by fitting in an entire hour.
  • Some of the sections help to facilitate talking to God in a more conversational way.
  • You can follow by the sections’ suggested Bible verses each day to add to your prayer routine.
  • The clear and precise format is short and to the point. I have prayed it countless times, but the format remains to give more and more rewards as I grow closer to God through the guidance of the book.
  • The prayers help pinpoint the areas we need repentance and forgiveness.
  • Super short book- 32 pages of prayers of a 7” x 4 ½ “ book
  • Over one million copies sold
  • Super inexpensive. (See purchasing options below)
  • You can see a free sample of the book

Only one negative remark:

  • My only complaint (or could just be my taste) would be that the cover looks very dated and does not express the actual meaning of the book. I mean I do feel like the people on the cover after reading it but it may just need an update.
  • The cover may deter younger generations who are driven by visuals and think it is more geared towards the older generations.

You can see more reviews here.

Places to purchase and compare prices:

Don’t forget you can always buy them used on certain websites!

Cheapest option: E-book on Google Play

Linda Schubert’s Website: (I read on the site that if you call in your order, you can get cheaper shipping costs.)

I only recommend this book because I am using it faithfully. I hope that this will help you in your faith journey also.

With love,


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