We search for hours online looking for the best way to parent our children.

We scroll through Facebook hoping to find out that we are not alone in our struggles as moms.

We pin hundreds of recipes, crafts and ideas that we never truly plan to complete.

The truth is:

We just want to do well for our family.

The problem is:

We are constantly looking at how other moms are parenting instead of searching for answers from the One who knows us best.

Before knowing how well we are doing as moms, we need to work on ourselves first.


With your help, I want to change the stigma of stay-at-home moms.

The one that says we are not good enough,

we are lazy and boring,

we don’t contribute enough to society,

we are uneducated and incompetent,

and we are too dependent on our husbands.

Must I go on?

We hate the “stigma” but you know what?

We created it.

You know why?

We believe it.

We believe the lies that we are not good enough and that we aren’t doing a good job with parenting.

My hopes for this blog is to always direct you to how Christ sees you, not how the world does.

We must fight this battle and realize we are worth dying for.

In order to be fulfilled as stay-at-home moms, we must first “fill” our souls, our minds, and our hearts with God’s love. We must nurture every bit of our being through His grace.

Nurtured by Grace

Hi! I’m Corrine and I am passionate about helping moms find Christ in their ordinary routines and daily lives. I am a certified Elementary Education teacher and I thought being a mother would be similar to teaching.

Well, I was wrong.

Once I was solely responsible for those small human beings, everything changed.

That’s why I decided to stay home with my three young children who are each a year and half apart in age. Yes, our house is a little crazy sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Becoming a mom (and a stay-at-home mom) was a hard transition and still is today, but I have found ways to feel less resentful and more fulfilled in my calling.


I would like to:

  1. Help moms feel more fulfilled in their calling to motherhood.
  2. Meet fellow Christian/Catholic moms who want to do better for their children.
  3. Give insights to daily, boring tasks and how each day can bring us closer to God.

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